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LED Light Bar
    1. BV-Bar-V10-12-3528-301. Our LED light bars can be composed of different types of LEDs, such as SMD LEDs, superflux LEDs, and round LEDs, etc.
      2. V shape aluminum profile makes
    1. BV-Bar-U14-12-PirN-241. Our LED light bars are available in different LED types, including SMD LEDs, superflux LEDs, and round LEDs, etc.
      2. This LED light bar is designed ...
    1. BV-Bar-5050-24-O1. This crystal tube LED light bar makes conventional fluorescent tubes in a cabinet a thing of the past. Our LED light bars have a long service life of 50,000 hours
    1. BV-Bar-RndW-48This series of LED light bar is divided into a wide range of subcategories in terms of light colors, including blue LED light bars, green LED light bars, pure white LED light bars...
    1. BV-Bar-SMDW-RGB-241. Using 3 in 1 SMD LED as the light source.
      2. This LED light bar has good color mixing effect.
      3. Both waterproof LED light bars
    1. BV-Bar-U14-12-5050-301. This LED light bar is designed with U shape aluminium profile and features superior heat diffusion.
      2. With fixing clips, this LED light is easy ...
Digital RGB Strip Light
    1. BV-Flex-Dot-32-5VAdopting 5060 3 in 1 SMD LEDs as light source, this digital RGB strip light is also called 3 in 1 SMD LED lights. If used in combination
    1. BV-Dot-RndW-RGB-5V1. With injection molding housing, this digital RGB strip light has a aesthetic appearance.
      2.8mm Round LEDs are adopted as the light source of our RGB strip lights. ...
    1. BV-Dot-PirW-2×2-RGB1. Each single LED module is composed of 4 superflux LEDs with wide beam angle.
      2. Super thin. This strip light has a thickness of 5mm ...
LED Controller
    1. Power Amplifier This power amplifier, or LED power repeater, is applicable for the power expansion of all our company’s power-output type LED controller. It accepts PWM control, and each time when a
    1. LED Dimmer ControllerOur LT-311 LED dimmer controller has a wide rage of functions, and is popular in the market. It is extensively used in all kinds of LED lighting. The main functions of LED dim ...
    1. LED Controller V3.0Our LT-3600 LED controller is designed to control the color changing of LED lights with 4 common anode wires. It can be applied to various kinds of LED lights ...
    1. LED RGB Wireless ControllerBV-LED RGB wireless controller is a matching tool for LED lighting dimmer. Its primary function is to control modules, LED ribbons, LED bars, high power LED modules and other ....
    1. LED RGB Amplifier1. When the load power exceeds the controller's maximum output power, a LED RGB amplifier should be used. Amplifier quantity is based on the loading ..
    1. LED Controller BVLED200-S-31. 3/9 output, each output being 6A/3A
      2. There are two control orifices, that is orifice A and orifice B. Connect them hand in hand.
      3. The wire holder is 10A in current ...
    1. LED Controller BVLED100M3M121. 3/12 output, each output being 6A/4A
      2. Our LED controller is designed with two control orifices, that is orifice A and orifice B. Connect them hand in hand ...
LED Transformer
    1. Transformer 30WThis electronic transformer works with AC power supply and its output voltage is 12V, so you can also call it AC transformer or 12V transformer. ...
    1. Power Supply 1. Using the sealed filling method, this LED power supply is waterproof, damp-proof and it is applicable for specified LED lights. ...
    1. CustomizationHence, our LED lighting products are energy saving, environmentally friendly, aesthetically designed, durable and low-priced. They are extensively used for architectural decorative

We are a LED lighting product manufacturer and supplier based in China. Waterproof LED lights, flexible LED strip lights, grille LED lights, panel LED lights, and star LED lights are some of our primary LED lighting products.

All our LED lights have high performance, long service life, aesthetic design, and are energy saving and environmentally friendly. They are extensively used for architectural decorative lighting, commercial lighting, advertising lighting, etc., for either indoor or outdoor lighting applications.

To ensure the high performance of our waterproof LED lights, flexible LED strip lights, grille LED lights, and so on, we have utilized three automatic and semi-automatic LED light production lines, lead-free SMD reflow soldering machines, wave solder machines, etc., and we have also built a relatively complete testing system, containing high temperature test boxes, T100 brightness testers, high-power pulse aging testers, photoelectrical testing systems, light intensity test system, integrating sphere and so on.

We also guarantee the quality of our flexible LED strip lights, panel LED lights, and grille LED lights, etc. by implementing specialized QC management system and conducting rigid quality control measures on raw materials and each production process.

Till now, our LED lighting products have been CE, RoHS, FCC and UL certified, and they have been exported to USA, Japan, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Russia, among many other countries.

If you have any need, please feel free to contact us.