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Non-Waterproof LED Module
    1. BV-Strip-PirN-1×31. Each single non-waterproof LED module is composed of 3pcs Piranha LEDs which have high intensity and wide viewing angle.
      2. Each LED module has high light intensity.
    1. BV-Strip-PirN-1×21. Our non-waterproof LED module features high brightness, high reliability, long service life, and non-flickering.
      2. We can supply different specifications of ...
Grille LED Light, LED Fluorescent Tube
    1. BV-Grille light-600×600This LED lighting is environmentally friendly and feature low power consumption. Comparing with conventional T8 fluorescent tube grille light, our grille LED light
    1. BV-FT-T5-600-35281. This LED T5 tube is environmentally friendly and energy saving.
      2. Uniform, soft and non-flickering light makes these LED T5 tube do no harm ...
    1. BV-FT-T8-600-35281. This LED T8 tube adopts high quality and long lifespan SMD LEDs as light emitting devices. Due to this, it features high light intensity, high light efficiency ...
Panel LED Light
    1. Panel LED LightUsually, the LED type and arrangement are key factors to achieve desired lighting effect. For instance, if LED lights are used for light boxes, we have to take many factors into
RGB LED Module
    1. BV-SMD-3×3-RGB1. Each single RGB LED module is composed of 3 RGB SMD LEDs.
      2. The wires are designed with different colors, like red, green and blue
    1. BV-RndN-3×3-RGBOur RGB LED modules can be used as advertising sign lighting, signal lighting, architectural lighting, and indoor decorative lighting, etc. With the help of LED controller...
    1. BV-PirN-3×3-RGB1. Two types of RGB LED modules are available at our company. One is Round LED lamp and the other is Piranha LED lamp. BV-PirN-3×3-RGB series RGB LED module ...
    1. BV-Al-PirW-2×2-RGB1. Each RGB LED module is made up of 2 red, 1 green and 1 blue Piranha LED which features high luminous intensity and large view angle. ...
Star LED Light
    1. BV-RndW3×11.Φ5 Round LEDs are adopted as the light source of our star LED lights.
      2. Tiny shell dimension: Outside diameter is 22mm, and the height is only 15mm.
    1. BV-Star-1×30Our Star LED lights can be used for the lighting of plane letters and blister letters where waterproof is needed. ....
SMD Module
    1. BV-PVC-SMD-2x2With good waterproof characteristic, our SMD module is ideal for outdoor lighting applications. It is applicable for the lighting of outdoor advertising signs, light boxes
    1. BV-PVC-SMD-1×21. Each SMD module is composed of 2 SMD LEDs.
      2. Super thin; with a thickness of 5mm.
      3. High light intensity makes these SMD LED...
Decorative LED Light (LED Neon Rope Light)

We are a LED lighting product manufacturer and supplier based in China. Waterproof LED lights, flexible LED strip lights, grille LED lights, panel LED lights, and star LED lights are some of our primary LED lighting products.

All our LED lights have high performance, long service life, aesthetic design, and are energy saving and environmentally friendly. They are extensively used for architectural decorative lighting, commercial lighting, advertising lighting, etc., for either indoor or outdoor lighting applications.

To ensure the high performance of our waterproof LED lights, flexible LED strip lights, grille LED lights, and so on, we have utilized three automatic and semi-automatic LED light production lines, lead-free SMD reflow soldering machines, wave solder machines, etc., and we have also built a relatively complete testing system, containing high temperature test boxes, T100 brightness testers, high-power pulse aging testers, photoelectrical testing systems, light intensity test system, integrating sphere and so on.

We also guarantee the quality of our flexible LED strip lights, panel LED lights, and grille LED lights, etc. by implementing specialized QC management system and conducting rigid quality control measures on raw materials and each production process.

Till now, our LED lighting products have been CE, RoHS, FCC and UL certified, and they have been exported to USA, Japan, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Russia, among many other countries.

If you have any need, please feel free to contact us.