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    1. Waterproof LED ModuleOur waterproof LED module is especially designed for outdoor lighting applications. Due to high lighting effect, long service life, easy installation, a greatly variety of colors, and energy economy, this outdoor lighting product has found a wide range applications in varied-sized channel letters, backlighting, advertising signboards, logo, and so on.
    1. Power LED ModuleOur power LED modules are water resistant, and according to light colors, they are classified into variety of subcategories, including red , yellow, white and green LED light modules, and more.
    1. Star LED LightAs a kind of waterproof light, our star LED lights are ideal for outdoor lighting applications. They can be used for advertising signs lighting and architectural decorative lighting, and more. With low energy consumption, they are also ideal mood lights and night lights, and more.
    1. SMD ModuleOur grille LED lights are designed with anodic oxidized aluminium frames and aluminium-plastic housing, and adopt high performance 3528 SMD LEDs as light emitting devices.
      They are characterized by good heat dissipation, high brightness, long service life, environmentally friendliness and low power consumption. For instance, in comparison with the T8 fluorescent tube grille light
    1. Decorative LED Light (LED Neon Rope Light)1. This decorative LED light is ideal for the exterior outline lighting, decorative lighting and indicative lighting of buildings.
      2. With outer plastic jacket, this LED decorative light can better protect the inner tube and the LEDs. Completely sealed and impervious, this LED neon rope light has good shock and vibration resistance.
    1. Digital RGB Strip LightEvery two-LED is an independent unit and each single LED can change color separately. The entire RGB strip light can change color in a chase sequence. Silicone encased, this RGB strip light features great water resistance. So, if you are looking for LED outdoor lighting products, why not try this waterproof strip light...

Outdoor Lighting Product

We are a China-based LED module and LED strip light manufacturer and supplier. Through years of efforts, we have successfully established cooperative relationship with customers from America, Japan, France, Spain, Britain, Brazil, Singapore, and Australia, and more.
Currently, we can supply waterproof LED lights, flexible LED strip lights, grille LED lights, panel LED lights, star LED lights, and more, and all our products are CE, RoHS, FCC and UL certified.
Among all kind of LED products, waterproof LED modules, power LED modules, star LED lights, and SMD modules are commonly used as outdoor lighting products.
If you are searching for aesthetically designed, durable and energy saving LED lights, please contact us directly.

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    1. LED Light BarLED light bars, also called rigid LED strip lights, are originally designed for cabinets, showcases, and jewelry cases, and more. But now the application range has been broadened, and our light bars can be used for either indoor or outdoor lighting applications.