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SMD Module

    1. BV-PVC-SMD-2x2With good waterproof characteristic, our SMD module is ideal for outdoor lighting applications. It is applicable for the lighting of outdoor advertising signs, light boxes, channel letters, and signage, etc. which have waterproof requirements.
      Meanwhile, our SMD modules are also ideal light source for backlighting and architectural lighting, and more.
    1. BV-PVC-SMD-1×21. Each SMD module is composed of 2 SMD LEDs.
      2. Super thin; with a thickness of 5mm.
      3. High light intensity makes these SMD LED modules applicable for lighting of large-sized logo.
      4. With superior heat diffusion, our SMD module has a long service life. ..

SMD Module

Our SMD modules can be used for either indoor or outdoor lighting. In terms of applications, our SMD modules can also be used as LED display modules, channel letter light sources and architectural lighting products, and more.
Meanwhile, as an ideal multicolor LED light, our SMD modules can satisfy your demand on red LED lights, yellow LED lights, cold white LED lights, and blue LED lights, and more.

Due to our adoption of Surface Mounting Technology (SMT), our SMD modules feature light weight and compact size. Meanwhile, they are also characterized by stable performance, good impact resistance and low defect rate of welding spots. With high frequency characteristics, our SMD modules have low electromagnetism and radio frequency interference.

Furthermore, our adoption of SMT also greatly assists us in improving production efficiency and saving materials and labor forces. Hence, we are able to offer our SMD modules at competitively prices.

As an experienced SMD module manufacturer and supplier based in China, we can also offer many other products, including flexible LED strip lights, LED panel lights, grille LED lights, LED light bars, and LED controllers, and more. Our LED lighting products are CE, RoHS, FCC and UL certified, and are well accepted in America, Spain, Britain, Brazil, Singapore, and Australia, and more.

We welcome you to try our SMD modules, and any other LED lighting product as well.

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