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Star LED Light

    1. BV-RndW3×11.Φ5 Round LEDs are adopted as the light source of our star LED lights.
      2. Tiny shell dimension: Outside diameter is 22mm, and the height is only 15mm.
      3. A maximum of 50pcs star LED lights can be series connected.
      4. DC 12V input.
    1. BV-Star-1×30Our Star LED lights can be used for the lighting of plane letters and blister letters where waterproof is needed.
      This star LED light features great waterproof characteristic. It is an ideal waterproof light for light boxes, advertising signs, outdoor architectural decoration, and it is also an ideal light source for large-scale backlighting....

Star LED Light

Our star LED lights look stylish and elegant as they glisten. Here, we can provide both 5V LED lights and 12V LED lights. All our star LED lights can be used as surface ornaments or suspended by their hooks as hanging decorations.

As a kind of waterproof light, our star LED lights are ideal for outdoor lighting applications. They can be used for advertising signs lighting and architectural decorative lighting, and more. With low energy consumption, they are also ideal mood lights and night lights, and more.

There is no acrylic cover on top of LEDs, so there won’t be brightness loss, and due to this, our star LED lights feature high brightness.

As a professional China-based LED light manufacturer and supplier, we can also produce waterproof LED modules, LED strip lights, LED light bars, grille LED lights, and more. All our LED lighting products are characterized by high brightness, long service life, beautiful appearance, energy conservation and environmental friendliness, etc.
If you are looking for lighting products, whether that is indoor or outdoor LED light, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can offer you high quality and low-priced products.

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    1. SMD ModuleOur grille LED lights are designed with anodic oxidized aluminium frames and aluminium-plastic housing, and adopt high performance 3528 SMD LEDs as light emitting devices.
      They are characterized by good heat dissipation, high brightness, long service life, environmentally friendliness and low power consumption. For instance, in comparison with the T8 fluorescent tube grille light