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Star LED Light

Our Star LED lights can be used for the lighting of plane letters and blister letters where waterproof is needed.
This star LED light features great waterproof characteristic. It is an ideal waterproof light for light boxes, advertising signs, outdoor architectural decoration, and it is also an ideal light source for large-scale backlighting.

1. This LED light adopts Φ5 Round LED without flange as the light source.
2. Small size. The external diameter is 10mm and the height is only 15mm.
3. The shell is shaped by high temperature injection molding technology.
4. Each LED could be cut off.
5. A maximum quantity of 30pcs LEDs can be series connected.
6. Operating Voltage: DC 5 input.

Parameters of BV-Star-1×30, Star LED Light

Part No. Operating Voltage ( V ) Current ( mA ) Power dissipation ( W ) Emitting color Peak wavelength (nm) Viewing Angle Luminous flux (lm) LED quantity (pc)
min max
BV-Star-1*30-R 5 ≤600 ≤3 Red 625 120° 21 33 30
BV-Star-1*30-Y 5 ≤600 ≤3 Yellow 590 120° 30 39 30
BV-Star-1*30-B 5 ≤600 ≤3 Blue 465 120° 32 45 30
BV-Star-1*30-G 5 ≤600 ≤3 Green 520 120° 90 105 30
BV-Star-1*30-W 5 ≤600 ≤3 Cold White 8500K 120° 105 135 30

We are a professional star LED light manufacturer and supplier based in China. Since our inception, we have been dedicated to offering high quality and low priced LED lighting products to our clients. In addition to star LED lights, we also offer waterproof LED modules, flexible LED strip lights, and LED light bars, to name a few. These products are widely used for architectural lighting, commercial lighting and advertising lighting, and more.
If you have any LED lighting product need, please feel free to contact us.

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    1. BV-RndW3×11.Φ5 Round LEDs are adopted as the light source of our star LED lights.
      2. Tiny shell dimension: Outside diameter is 22mm, and the height is only 15mm.
      3. A maximum of 50pcs star LED lights can be series connected.
      4. DC 12V input.