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RGB LED Module

    1. BV-SMD-3×3-RGB1. Each single RGB LED module is composed of 3 RGB SMD LEDs.
      2. The wires are designed with different colors, like red, green and blue, so as to simplify wire connection.
    1. BV-RndN-3×3-RGBwe utilize high quality raw materials and conduct strict quality control measures.
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    1. BV-PirN-3×3-RGBThis type of RGB LED module is mainly used for indoor lighting. It can be used for channel letter lighting, signal lighting, architectural lighting, large advertising sign lighting, and so on....
    1. BV-Al-PirW-2×2-RGBWe thanks for your visiting our website. As an experienced RGB LED module manufacturer and supplier based in China, we are dedicated to offer high quality and low priced lighting products. In addition, we also supply superior quality customer services.
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RGB LED Module

With the coming of RGB LED modules, the advertising signs are no longer static any more. RGB LED modules, when used in combination with corresponding LED controllers, can change color as you wish, thus making advertising signs more vivid and eye-catching.
We can supply both waterproof LED modules and non-waterproof LED modules.

In terms of application, our non-waterproof RGB LED modules mainly serve as indoor architectural decorative lighting and indoor advertising sign lighting, etc., and our waterproof RGB LED modules primarily serve as outdoor advertising lighting source and outdoor architectural lighting, and more.

RGB comes from the initials of three primary colors: red, green and blue.
The RGB LED module is a color-changing model of LED light. Red, green and blue LED lights are all available within a RGB LED module, thus reproducing a broad array of colors.

We are a professional RGB LED module manufacturer and supplier based in China. We can supply different specifications of RGB LED lights, and many other LED lights. If you want to know more information, please refer to our PRODUCT page or contact us directly.

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