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RGB LED Module

Our RGB LED modules can be used as advertising sign lighting, signal lighting, architectural lighting, and indoor decorative lighting, etc. With the help of LED controller, this RGB LED module can change colors and due to this, it is also called color changing LED module and is ideal for decorative and advertising lighting.

Parameters of BV-RndN-3×3-RGB, RGB LED Module

Part No. Color Operating Voltage ( V ) Current ( mA ) Power dissipation ( W ) Emitting color Viewing Angle LED quantity (PC) Luminous Intensity ( mcd ) Note
min max
BV-RndN-3*3-RGB R ≤20 3 2.0 2.5 φ5 round LED Comparative low intensity Non-waterproof
G ≤20 3 10.8 13.2
B ≤20 3 3.2 4.0
12 ≤60 ≤0.72 RGB 80 9
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