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RGB LED Module

This type of RGB LED module is mainly used for indoor lighting. It can be used for channel letter lighting, signal lighting, architectural lighting, large advertising sign lighting, and so on.

Structure Dimensions of BV-PirN-3×3-RGB, RGB LED Module

Parameters of BV-PirN-3×3-RGB, RGB LED Module

Part No. Color Operating Voltage (V) Current (mA) Power dissipation ( W ) Emitting color Viewing Angle LED quantity (PC) Luminous Intensity (mcd) Note
min max
BV-PirN-3*3-RGB R ≤20 3 10.5 13 Piranha LED High intensity Big view angle Non-waterproof
G ≤20 3 10.5 12.5
B ≤20 3 3.6 7.5
12 ≤60 ≤0.72 RGB 120 9

In addition to waterproof and non-waterproof RGB LED modules, we can also produce flexible LED strip lights, LED panel lights, digital RGB strip lights, and LED transformers, etc.
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