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Panel LED Light

Classifications and Applications
In terms of applications, our panel LED light is a super bright LED light source for light boxes and large-sized advertising signs, etc. It is a good replacement of traditional LED T8 tubes, LED modules and fluorescent tubes.
It can also be used for indoor lighting, architectural lighting , and any other project lighting as you prefer.

1. Whole Print Circuit Board
Usually, the LED type and arrangement are key factors to achieve desired lighting effect. For instance, if LED lights are used for light boxes, we have to take many factors into consideration, including the dimensions of the light box and how to achieve uniform light. Due to this, light box and sign installers feel hard to decide the distance between lines and rows while arranging the LED layout.
Our panel LED light, which is designed on a whole PCB, greatly simplifies installation and saves labor force. By using our panel LED light, installers don’t need to install one LED light by one LED light or modules by modules.

2. Connecting System
Our panel LED light employs imported TYCO connector, and this makes it easy for installation. Usually, 2 to 4 connecting pieces are provided to assist in connecting panel LED lights together.

TYCO Hermaphroditic Blade and Receptacle Connectors (Board-to-Board)
How to connect with power supply

(Ballast Products & LED Interconnections)
For more connection attentions, please ask us for Installation Guide.

3. Perfect Lighting Consistency & Cost-effective
(1) With honeycomb-type LED arrangement, the panel LED light produces uniform and evenly distributed light. The light produces no shadow, no spot on the surface of light box.
(2) Super bright SMD LEDs are adopted as the light source of our panel LED lights. They feature low brightness decay and have more than 30,000 hours’ effective life.
(3) With low energy consumption, our panel LED light can reduce energy costs greatly.
(4) The maximal consumption of our panel LED light is 12W and the minimum one is as low as 0.8W.
(5) This panel light is environmentally friendly.

Structure Dimensions

1. All dimension units are millimeters.
2. All dimension tolerance is ±1mm unless otherwise noted.

Technical Specification of Panel LED Light (TA=25℃)

Part No. BV-Panel-24- SMD3030-A BV-Panel-24- SMD3007-B BV-Panel-24- SMD3007-C BV-Panel-24- SMD3007-D BV-Panel-24- SMD0707-E BV-Panel-24- SMD0707-F
Color Red/Yellow/White/Green/Blue/Orange/Purple/RGB
Color Temperature (K) White (6400K) Warm White(<3300K) Cool White(>8000K)
Voltage (V) 24V
Current(mA) Panel A-480mA Panel B/C/D-120mA PanelE/F-30mA
Luminous Flux ( lm ) Panel A:480-580 Panel B/C/D:120-150 PanelE/F:30-56
Watts ( W ) Panel A≤12W Panel B/C/D≤3W Panel E/F-6
LED Qty Panel A-96 Panel B/C/D-24 Panel E/F-6
Size(mm) Panel A:300*300 Panel B/C/D:300*75 Panel E/F:75*75

Connection Picture

Our panel LED lights are available with 6 modules. All types of panel lights are easy to install due to the TYCO connectors on the PCB. The biggest dimension of our panel LED lights is 30*30cm (11.8*11.8") and the smallest size is 0.75*0.75cm (0.3*0.3"). This product is designed with mounting holes, which makes installation much more easier.

We are the primary panel LED light manufacturer and supplier based in China. Since our inception, we have been committed to offering high quality and low-priced products to our customers. All our LED lighting products are characterized by stable performance, high light intensity, and low energy consumption. They have been CE, RoHS, FCC and UL certified.
If you have any lighting product need, please feel free to contact us.

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