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Grille LED Light, LED Fluorescent Tube

    1. BV-Grille light-600×600Grille LED Light are commonly used for commercial lighting and residential lighting, etc. They are ideal LED lighting products for offices, conference rooms, exhibition rooms, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and supermarkets, and more.
    1. BV-FT-T5-600-35281. This LED T5 tube is environmentally friendly and energy saving.
      2. Uniform, soft and non-flickering light makes these LED T5 tubes do no harm to human eyes.
      3. CE and RoHS certified. ...
    1. BV-FT-T8-600-35281. This LED T8 tube adopts high quality and long lifespan SMD LEDs as light emitting devices. Due to this, it features high light intensity, high light efficiency and long service life.
      2. This energy saving lighting product is also environmentally friendly, as it produces no UV and IR radiation. ...

Grille LED Light, LED Fluorescent Tube

Grille LED lights are usually classified into recessed LED lights and ceiling griller LED lights. This indoor lighting product is usually used in offices, hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, and residential houses. Hence, if you are looking for LED lighting products for hotels, supermarkets and restaurants as well as residential buildings, we welcome you to try our grille LED lights.

Our grille LED lights are designed with anodic oxidized aluminium frames and aluminium-plastic housing, and adopt high performance 3528 SMD LEDs as light emitting devices.
They are characterized by good heat dissipation, high brightness, long service life, environmentally friendliness and low power consumption. For instance, in comparison with the T8 fluorescent tube grille light, our LED grille light has higher light intensity and higher luminous efficacy, and the lifetime of LED lights is 10 times of that of fluorescent tubes. However, the power consumption of a grille LED light is only half of that of a fluorescent tube grille light.
Additionally, our uniquely designed grille LED light gives uniform, bright and non-flickering light, and due to this, it can prevent eye strain effectively.

To facilitate in lighting product installation, we design our grille LED light with the same dimension with commonly-used fluorescent tubes. So, aforementioned two types of light can share the same bracket. But please remember that LED grille lights require no ballast.
If you are looking for indoor LED lights, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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