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Grille LED Light, LED Fluorescent Tube

Grille LED lights are commonly used for commercial lighting and residential lighting, etc. They are ideal for offices, conference rooms, exhibition rooms, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and supermarkets, and more.
1. Our grille LED light is designed with anodic oxidized aluminium frame and transparent LPG, and adopts 3528 SMD LEDs as light source. It features high brightness and long service life.
2. Unique designs of our grille LED light ensures uniform, bright, soft and non-flickering light. Due to this, our grille light can prevent eye fatigue effectively.
3. This LED lighting is environmentally friendly and feature low power consumption. Comparing with conventional T8 fluorescent tube grille light, our grille LED light has higher light efficiency and light intensity. The lifetime of grille LED light is 10 times of that of fluorescent tube; whereas the LED grille light consumes only 50% of the power consumed by fluorescent tubes.
4. Natural white, warm white and cold white grille LED lights are all available.

Structure Dimensions

1. All dimension units are millimeters.
2. All dimension tolerance is ±1mm unless otherwise noted.

Technical Parameters of BV-Grille light-600×600, Grille LED Light (TA=25℃)

Part No. BV-PANEL-600×600-30-3528- Dimensions 600×600×75
Weight ~5.8 Kg LED Quantity 400pcs SMD3528
Color Natural white/Warm white/Cold white Beam Angle 150°
Illumination Distance 5M Input Voltage AC100-120V/AC220-240V
Rated Power 30W Shell Aluminum alloy frame +Optical LGP
IP Rate IP50 Ambient Temperature -20℃ ~ +45℃

Comparison between LED Grille Light and T8 Fluorescent Tube Grille Light

Item Color Color Temperature Input Voltage Power Luminous Flux(lm) Light Efficiency
LED Grille Light W 5500-6000K AC220V/50Hz 30W 2320lm 77lm/W
T8 Grille Light (3 tubes) W 5500-6000K AC220V/50Hz 60-100W 1200-1800lm ~25lm/W
Luminous Distribution Curve
3D Intensity Distribution

Illuminance Comparison between Grille LED Light and T8 Fluorescent Tube Grille Light

As a professional grille LED light manufacturer and supplier based in China, we can also offer panel LED lights, SMD modules, flexible LED ribbons, and RGB strip lights, to name a few. These LED lighting products are widely used for architectural decorative lighting, commercial lighting and advertising lighting, etc.
If you have any LED light need, or LED controller and LED transformer requirement, please send us an email or call us directly.

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