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Non-Waterproof LED Module

    1. BV-Strip-PirN-1×34. Static-free package makes this LED light module easy for installation.
      5. By series connection, this product can be used for achieving a LED strip light. But the maximum number of module is not more than 30.
      6. Working voltage: 12V DC input
    1. BV-Strip-PirN-1×24. Low voltages, high efficiency and requires virtually no maintenance.
      5. We provide LED modules producing light in different colors, like red, yellow, amber, warm white, pure white, cold white, green, blue, purple, Kelly and cyan, etc. ...

Non-Waterproof LED Module

LED modules can be used for either serious lighting purpose or entertainment purpose. While used for recreational purpose, LED modules come with variety of forms, such as glowing ice cubes, color-changing wands, LED-lit sunglasses, and LED mugs, etc. Our non-waterproof LED modules are commonly used for indoor lighting and advertising lighting which requires no waterproof performance. They are classified into a wide range of subcategories, including amber LED lights, white LED lights, blue LED lights, and purple LED lights, to name a few.

Our non-waterproof module mostly adopt Piranha LEDs as the light source, and they are suitable for channel letter lighting whose depth is about 8-10cm (3-4"). As this LED module is non-waterproof, please make sure to use it indoor. With 3M self adhesive tape on the back, this LED lighting product is easy to install. It is housed in a PVC case.
We offer 2 years warranty for our non-waterproof LED modules.
Meanwhile, our LED modules are offered at competitive prices. We welcome you to choose.

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