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Non-Waterproof LED Module

This non-waterproof LED module is usually used for indoor lighting applications. Meanwhile, to satisfy customers’ demand on multicolour LED lights, we classify this LED module into a wide range of subcategories, including amber LED lights, blue LED lights, yellow and red LED lights, to name a few.

BV-Strip-PirN-1×2 Non-waterproof LED modules are ideal light source for channel letter signs, advertising signs, DIY light cluster and lighthouses, etc.

1. Our non-waterproof LED module features high brightness, high reliability, long service life, and non-flickering.
2. We can supply different specifications of LED modules, like 1-LED, 2-LED, 3-LED, 4-LED and 6-LED modules, etc.
3. These LED modules can be series connected with hookup wire.
4. Low voltages, high efficiency and requires virtually no maintenance.
5. We provide LED modules producing light in different colors, like red, yellow, amber, warm white, pure white, cold white, green, blue, purple, Kelly and cyan, etc.
6. With light weight, this product can be fixed easily with common glass cement.


Part No. Operating Voltage ( V ) Current per module ( mA ) Watts per module ( W ) Emitting color Peak wavelength (nm) Viewing Angle Luminous flux(lm) LED quantity (pc) Housing material
min max
BV-Strip-PirN-1×2--R 12 ÷40 0.48 Red 626 120 7.5 8.8 2 PVC
BV-Strip-PirN-1×2--Y 12 ÷30 0.36 Yellow 585 120 8.8 9.5 2 PVC
BV-Strip-PirN-1×2--A 12 ÷30 0.36 Amber 598 120 2 3.5 2 PVC
BV-Strip-PirN-1×2--WW 12 ÷20 0.24 Warm White < 3800k 120 6.5 7.5 2 PVC
BV-Strip-PirN-1×2--CW 12 ÷20 0.24 Cold White > 7500k 120 4.2 5.5 2 PVC
BV-Strip-PirN-1×2--PW 12 ÷20 0.24 Pure White 6500k 120 5.5 7 2 PVC
BV-Strip-PirN-1×2--G 12 ÷20 0.24 Green 525 120 5.5 6.8 2 PVC
BV-Strip-PirN-1×2--B 12 ÷20 0.24 Blue 470 120 2.5 4 2 PVC

We are a professional non-waterproof LED module manufacturer and supplier based in China. In addition to high quality LED lighting products, we can also offer complete customer services. Our products are CE, ROHS, FCC, and UL certified, and they are exported to the US, Japan, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Russia, and many other countries.
We also offer OEM service and customization service.
If you are interested in our LED products, please feel free to contact us.

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    1. BV-Strip-PirN-1×31. Each single non-waterproof LED module is composed of 3pcs Piranha LEDs which have high intensity and wide viewing angle.
      2. Each LED module has high light intensity. Hence, it is applicable for big LOGO lighting.
      3. With 3M adhesive tape on the back, the non-waterproof LED modules are easy for installation.