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Power LED Module

    1. BV-Strip-PC-0.5W2-Cree7. Designed with a fixing hole in the middle, the power LED module can be easily fixed with screws.
      8. The rated current is 150 mA, but the actual current is 80mA.
      9. Characterized by good heat diffusion, this product is especially suitable for the lighting of channel letters and light boxes.
    1. BV-Strip-PC-0.5W1BV-Strip-PC-0.5W1 power LED modules are extensively used for outdoor lighting and architectural lighting applications. For instance, they can be used as the light source of advertising signs, light boxes, and signage, etc...
    1. BV-AL-PW-1.5WDue to the multicolor characteristic and water resistance, BV-AL-PW-1.5W power LED modules regularly function as the light source of outdoor advertising logo, channel letters, and light boxes,etc. and they are ideal for backlighting and decorative lighting, etc. ..
    1. BV-AL-PW-1WFeaturing good waterproof performance, BV-AL-PW-1W power LED modules are usually used as the decorative lighting source of advertising signs, channel letters, light boxes, advertising logo, and more . ..
    1. BV-Strip-PC-0.5W3-SAMAs a China-based power LED module manufacturer and supplier, we provide not only high quality LED lighting products, but also superior customer services, thus attracting more customers.We offer 2-5 years quality warranty, and during warranty period, we offer product replacement service ...

Power LED Module

Our power LED modules are water resistant, and according to light colors, they are classified into variety of subcategories, including red , yellow, white and green LED light modules, and more.
In terms of applications, this type of waterproof LED module can be used as the light source of outdoor advertising signboards and architectural lighting, and more. Our power LED module is especially suitable for lighting of large and deep signs and channel letters. They are ideal choices for letters with depth between 10-15cm (4-6”).

Our power LED modules are composed of either 1W lambertian LED from Edison or 0.5W SMD from Cree, Samsung and Lumimicro. In addition to quality LED modules, we also offer quality customer services. We offer 2-5 years guarantee, the warranty period varies according to the LED types. The lumen of single LED is at least 15lm, while that of a 1W LED could be 55-60lm.

The standard package is 30pcs or 50pcs LED module each string. The package is also customizable. If you are interested in our power LED modules, please inquire today. You will be satisfied with our products and services!

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    1. Non-Waterproof LED ModuleAs this LED module is non-waterproof, please make sure to use it indoor. With 3M self adhesive tape on the back, this LED lighting product is easy to install. It is housed in a PVC case.
      We offer 2 years warranty for our non-waterproof LED modules.
      Meanwhile, our LED modules are offered at competitive prices. We welcome you to choose.