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Power LED Module

1. The housing of this power LED module is made of UL approved PVC material by cast molding.
2. Each single LED module is composed of three superflux 5050 SMD LEDs with wide beam angle.
3. The luminous flux is more than 55lm per module
4. By series connection, our power LED modules can be used for composing a LED strip lights. However, each LED strip is not more than 50 pieces if series connection is adopted.
5. 12V DC input
6. Adopt Samsung LED to ensure lower light decay.
7. Designed with mounting holes, our power LED modules can be fixed with screws easily.
8. Featuring good heat diffusion, this LED module is especially suitable for channel letters and light boxes.

Structure Dimensions of BV-AL-PW-1W, Power LED Module

1. All dimension units are millimeters (mm).
2. All dimension tolerance is ±1mm unless otherwise noted.

Technical Parameters of BV-Strip-PC-0.5W3-SAM, Power LED Module (TA=25℃) (For white LED module)

Luminous Flux (lm) 52-65
Color Temperature (K) 7000-8000
Wattage (W) ≤0.72
Voltage (V) 12
Current (mA) ≤60
Working Temperature (℃) -40~100
Storage Temperature (℃) -40~100

Connection with Power Supply

Transformer-60W; Power Supply (12 volt/60 watt); Load: 75 modules (8.78m)
Transformer-100W; Power Supply (12 volt/100 watt); Load: 125 modules (14.63m)

Mounting Instruction

As a China-based power LED module manufacturer and supplier, we provide not only high quality LED lighting products, but also superior customer services, thus attracting more customers.We offer 2-5 years quality warranty, and during warranty period, we offer product replacement service.
If you have any need, please feel free to contact us.

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      2. Each single LED module is composed of two superflux 5050 SMD LEDs which feature wide beam angle