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Flexible LED Strip Light

BV-Flex-WT-120 flexible LED strip lights are ideal for backlighting, edge lighting for various objects, cove lighting, indirect accent lighting and decorative lighting in hotel and salons, lighting of indoor reverse channel letter signs, and more. They can also be mounted under glare shields for instrument panel lighting and are excellent lighting products for DIYs.

1. BV-Flex-WT-120 flexible LED strip light is primarily composed of two parts, that is, 3528 SMD LEDs and flexible resin strips. The former is encased in the latter.
2. This LED strip light is available in variety of colors, including white, red, yellow, green and blue, etc.
3. The working voltage can be either 4V or 12V, and the LED light has a long service life of 10,000 hours.
4. The length of flexible LED strip light is customizable.
5. With double-sided adhesive tape at the back, the strip light is easy to install.
6. This is a waterproof and shockproof LED ribbon and it requires no inverter to operate.

As an experienced flexible LED strip light manufacturer and supplier, we know exactly the importance of product quality. To ensure customers use our grille LED lights, strip lights, and LED modules at ease, we are dedicated to improve product quality, and due to this, our LED products have received CE, RoHS, FCC, and UL certifications.
If you are looking for LED lighting products for building decoration, commercial lighting, and advertising signs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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