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Flexible LED Strip Light

BV-Flex-WS-30 flexible LED strip light is commonly used for outdoor lighting and architectural decorative lighting. For instance, our waterproof LED strips are regularly used for advertising signboard lighting, logo and signage lighting, and channel letter illumination, etc.
Meanwhile, BV-Flex-WS-30 flexible LED strip lights fall into a series of subcategories which produce different light colors. Hence, if you have any multicolour LED lights, whether that is pure white LED lights, blue LED flexible strip light, or RGB LED ribbon, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

1. Our flexible LED strip lights are composed of small sized SMD LED lights with dimension of 3.5mm×2.8mm×1.85mm.
2. Each single LED light is designed with a height of only 3mm, which makes our LED flexible strip light can be used in super tiny and narrow spaces.
3. Both single color LED strip lights and RGB LED strips are available.
4. Waterproof index: IP67
5. Featuring great flexibility and designed with connection wires ob both ends, our flexible LED strip light is easy for installation.
6. Transparent silicone sealing
7. Specification: 5m/roll in maximum; customized flexible LED strip lights are also available.

Structure Dimensions of BV-Flex-WS-30, Flexible LED Strip Light

1. All dimension units are millimeters.
2. All dimension tolerance is ±1mm unless otherwise noted.

Circuit Diagram

Technical Parameter of BV-Flex-WS-30, Flexible LED Strip Light(TA=25℃)

Part No. Color Operating Voltage( V ) Current ( mA ) Wattage ( W )
BV-Flex-N-30-R Red 12 ≤200 ≤2.4
BV-Flex-N-30-Y Yellow 12 ≤200 ≤2.4
BV-Flex-N-30-W White 12 ≤200 ≤2.4
BV-Flex-N-30-G Green 12 ≤200 ≤2.4
BV-Flex-N-30-B Blue 12 ≤200 ≤2.4
Operating Temperature ( ℃ ) -25 ~ +60
Storage Temperature ( ℃ ) -40 ~ +80

Electrical and Optical Characteristics (TA=25℃)

Part No. Color Peak Wavelength ( nm ) View Angle Luminous Flux ( lm ) LED Qty
min max
BV-Flex-N-SMD-30-R Red 626 140° 68 83 30
BV-Flex-N-SMD-30-Y Yellow 591 140° 41 50 30
BV-Flex-N-SMD-30-W White 6000K 140° 149 182 30
BV-Flex-N-SMD-30-G Green 525 140° 62 76 30
BV-Flex-N-SMD-30-B Blue 470 140° 22 27 30

Installation of BV-Flex-WS-30, Flexible LED Strip Light

Connection with Power Supply


We are a professional LED flexible strip light manufacturer and supplier, located in China. With years of experience in development, manufacture and marketing LED products, we know well how to produce superior quality product at low prices. If you have any need on LED lighting products, whether that is indoor lights, or outdoor lights, please send us an email or call us directly.
We believe that we are able to satisfy any of your demand.

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