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BV-Customization-BC, Customized LED Lighting Product
Customized LED lights for Bank of China.
BV-Customization-ICBC, Customized LED Lighting Product
Customized LED lights for Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.
BV-AL-SMD-3528-24, Customized LED lighting product

As an experienced and specialized LED module and LED strip light manufacturer and supplier based in China, we can offer not only those LED lights existent in our product list, but also various customized LED lights.
Specifically, we can offer customized LED lighting products for advertising signs and light boxes with waterproof requirements, outdoor architectural decorative lighting, large area back lighting, side lighting, and more.

Make use of small size SMD LED, 3.5mm×2.8mm×1.85mm;
Only 2mm thickness of aluminum PCB board; perfect heat diffusion performance
Long lifespan of chips
DC 12V input


We are a LED module and LED strip light manufacturer in China with years of experience in producing and supplying of various LED lighting products, such as waterproof LED lights, flexible LED strip lights, grille LED lights, panel LED lights, star LED lights, and more. All our LED products have obtained the CE, ROHS, FCC, and UL certifications.

To ensure product quality, we utilize high quality raw materials and components, and meanwhile, we also employ highly advanced production facilities, such as reflow soldering machines, wave soldering machines, optoelectronic test systems, light intensity testers, integrating spheres, electrostatic tester, and more.
We highly improve our production efficiency by introducing the advanced technology and management experience from America, Japan, Germany, Italy and more. Thus, the price of our LED module and LED strip light is comparatively low.

Hence, our LED lights are energy saving, environmentally friendly, aesthetically designed, durable and low-priced. They are extensively used for architectural decorative lighting, commercial lighting, and advertising lighting, etc. for either indoor lighting or outdoor lighting applications.

In China, we have established cooperative relationship with Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Gome Electrical Appliances of China and so on. In the international markets, we have successfully cooperated with customers from Germany, Japan, Singapore, France, Australia, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil and so on.

If you have any LED module, flexible LED strip light and LED light bar need, please don’t hesitate to contact us, by phone, email, or fax.

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