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Transformer 30W

This electronic transformer works with AC power supply and its output voltage is 12V, so you can also call it AC transformer or 12V transformer.
This CE certified transformer is originally designed for LED lighting products. Its working frequency ranges from 50 to 60Hz. To ensure safety performance, this transformer is designed with overload protection and short circuit protection functions. For more information about our transformer 30W, please read the following technical parameter forms.

Technical Parameters of Transformer 30W

Transformer 30W Technologic Data
Certificate CE
Based on IEC 61347
Input Rated voltage AC220V
Input voltage range AC170~250V
Frequency 50~60Hz
Input power(Loading) < 38W
Output Output voltage(Loading) DC12±0.5V
Output current(loading) DC2.5A
Short-circuits protection Connection failure for 3 seconds, after power-on, PSU will work normally
Over loading protection Protection
Voltage resistance Input-Output AC 1.5KV/5mA 1Min
Input-Housing AC 1.5KV/5mA 1Min
Working Temperature -25℃~+40℃

Testing on LED Transformer

Testing Contents Testing Quality 1 2 3 4 5
Input voltage AC220V 50Hz
High voltage test Input—Output OK OK OK OK OK
Input— Housing OK OK OK OK OK
Input power(Loading current 2.5A) 35.2W 35.0W 35.2W 34.9W 35.8W
Output voltage(Loading current 2.5A) 12.1V 12.0V 12.1V 12.0V 12.0V
Output voltage(Loading current 0A) 12.2V 12.0V 12.1V 12.0V 12.0V
Short-circuit OK OK OK OK OK
Over loading OK OK OK OK OK
Verdict Pass

Housing Size (mm) 220*28.5*20

Specification of LED Transformer 3W

Housing Material Aluminum Aluminum (L×W×H) 217×29.5×20mm
Input wire model VDE H03VV-F 3G0.75mm2 Black; Length of the wire: 200mm
Output wire model VDE H03VV-F 2*0.75mm2 white; Length of the wire: 200mm

As a professional LED transformer manufacturer and supplier based in China, we can offer not only quality products, but also considerate customer service. So, customers can feel secure in using our products, whether that is LED lighting product, LED controller, or LED transformer. We welcome you to contact us for more information.

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