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Power Supply

1. Using the sealed filling method, this LED power supply is waterproof, damp-proof and it is applicable for specified LED lights.
2. Abnormal status protection
This power supply has stable output voltage and is designed with build-in over-current and short-circuit protection functions.

1. This 12Volt power supply should be installed in well ventilated places and far away from heat source.
2. This low voltage power supply shall be avoided working in abnormal situations, e.g. over-load, short-circuit & working in the range of non-working voltage, etc., for a long time.
3. During the period of installation and operation, please ensure that the working voltage of lights conforms to the output of the mains and the working current of lights does not exceed the rated output current of the mains.
4. Wiring connection should be firm and reliable, and insulating protection is necessary for avoiding leakage.

Parameters of Waterproof LED Power Supply

Part No. Picture Size (mm) Weight (g) Input Voltage (V) Output Voltage (V) Max. Output power (W) The sum Output current (A)
BV-Transformer-12018W 203×27×24 230 90-250 12±0.5 18 1.5
BV-Transformer-12030W 142×71×44 300 90-250 12±0.5 30 2.5
BV-Transformer- 12060W 180×68×53 850 170-240 12±0.5 60 5
BV-Transformer- 12150W 235×133×65 2850 170-240 12±0.5 150 12.5

Parameters of Non-waterproof LED Power Supply

Part No. Picture Size (mm) Weight (g) Input Voltage (V) Output Voltage (V) Max. Output power (W) The sum Output current (A)
BV-Power supply-12060 160*98*39 275 170-260 12±0.5 60 5
BV-Power supply-12100 199*98*39 375 170-260 12±0.5 100 8.5
BV-Power supply-12150 199*98*50 425 170-260 12±0.5 150 12.5
BV-Power supply-12300 200*110*50 1000 170-260 12±0.5 300 25

The company is a professional manufacturer and supplier of LED power supply based in China. It has been engaged in producing a great variety of LED lighting products, including waterproof LED lights, flexible LED strip lights, star LED lights, and more. Our products have obtained the CE, ROHS, FCC and UL certifications, and they are popular with extensive customers in many countries, such as American, Japan, Germany, France, Brazil, Singapore, and Argentina, to name a few. We welcome globe purchasers to contact us!

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