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LED Transformer

    1. Transformer 30WThis electronic transformer works with AC power supply and its output voltage is 12V, so you can also call it AC transformer or 12V transformer.
      This CE certified transformer is originally designed for LED lighting products. Its working frequency ranges from 50 to 60Hz. To ensure safety performance, this transformer is designed with overload protection ...
    1. Power Supply 1. Using the sealed filling method, this LED power supply is waterproof, damp-proof and it is applicable for specified LED lights.
      2. Abnormal status protection
      This power supply has stable output voltage and is designed with build-in over-current and short-circuit protection functions ...

LED Transformer

LED transformer is a sort of LED driver.
A LED transformer can transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another through its coils which are also known as inductively coupled conductors.

An ideal LED transformer would have zero energy losses and is absolutely efficient. However, in fact, the energy of LED transformers is largely wasted in the windings, core, and surrounding structures, etc.

We are a manufacturer of LED transformer based in China. In addition to LED transformers, we can also produce various LED lighting products, like waterproof LED lights, flexible LED strip lights, grille LED lights and so on. Due to the good quality raw materials, stable performance and low price, our products are widely used in architectural decoration, commercial lighting, advertising sign lighting, and more. Please contact us if you have any need for our products.

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    1. CustomizationHence, our LED lighting products are energy saving, environmentally friendly, aesthetically designed, durable and low-priced. They are extensively used for architectural decorative lighting, commercial lighting, and advertising lighting, etc. for either indoor lighting or outdoor lighting applications.