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LED RGB Wireless Controller

Features of LED RGB Wireless Controller
BV-LED RGB wireless controller is a matching tool for LED lighting dimmer. Its primary function is to control modules, LED ribbons, LED bars, high power LED modules and other LED lighting products, which form a complete LED lighting dimmer system with 12V DC power supply.

Specifications of LED RGB Wireless Controller

Working temperature -25~60 Celsius Power DC12V
Measurement 104*65*24mm Connection Common Anode
Rated load current 10A Max load current 15A
Output Three CMOS output Control method Four buttons, wireless control

(From top to bottom): MODE, UP, DOWN, ON/OFF

MODE button
Achieve one mode by pressing one time. There are all together 11 modes.

UP button
The UP button functions to speed up color changing.
Every press on the button will fasten the color changing speed. If press the button steadily, the speed will be fastened continuously until reaching the max. speed. The green signal will light up when pressing unless the changing rates reach to the highest.

DOWN button
This button functions to slow down the color changing speed, and the operation method is the same as that of the UP button.

ON/OFF button
To start or stop the LED wireless controller by pressing ON/OFF button for one time.

1. Static red
2. Static green
3. Static red/green mix
4. Static blue
5. Static red/blue mix
6. Static green/blue mix
7. Static red/green/blue mix
8. Jumpy cycle changing
9. Disorder flash changing
10. Gradual cycle changing
11. Disorder gradual changing

1. Make sure that the working voltage of the LED controller is 12V DC, or else the controller will be damaged.
2. The wireless controller should be powered by 23A, 12V battery.
3. Please connect according to the sketch map. The connection port can be pulled out.
4. When the power is on, the red indicator will light up, and the green indicator do not light. To press the ON/OFF button, the wireless controller will begin to work or stopping working. The green indicator will flash when pressing any button unless it is out of work.
5. UP & DOWN button: It can work only when the wireless LED controller is in color changing mode.
6. Our packing is one wireless controller matched with one LED controller. Please do not use other wireless control, or it will not work.

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