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LED RGB Amplifier

This LED RGB amplifier works with a power supply standard of 12V DC. Hence, according to different classification standard, it is also called DC amplifier, or 12V amplifier.
This LED RGB amplifier is applicable for LED modules, LED ribbons, LED bars, high power LED modules and other LED lighting products. Its maximum output is 15A, and maximum power load is 150W.

Operational Instruction
1. When the load power exceeds the controller's maximum output power, a LED RGB amplifier should be used. Amplifier quantity is based on the loading capability of led products.
2. Four pin connection port is the input port for power supply, and six pin connection port is the output port. There will be a diagram to show the wire connection method. V+ is the anode wire, and R, G, B pin port is corresponding to the R, G, B wire which are from the RGB light bar.
3. If the LED product is too long, we recommend using the connection method on drawing 3 and 4, and please contact us to ask for the connection drawing. Thus, a synchronized lighting can be achieved.
4. Input Voltage: DC12V. Please make sure that the anode and cathode is matched when connection.

1. Before using our LED RGB amplifier, make sure whether the RGB light bar or RGB LED module voltage is suitable for the amplifier or not.
2. The max. load power of power supply should be kept at approx. 20%.
3. If the LED product doesn't use the same power supply, it is necessary to connect the cathode of all the power supplies together.

As a leading manufacturer of LED RGB amplifier based in China, our company only offers products with good quality and stable performance. Our primary products include power LED modules, LED light bars and LED strip lights, etc. and all of them have obtained certifications of CE, ROHS, FCC and UL. At present, we have established a complete marketing network in many countries, such as America, Japan, France, Spain, Great Britain, Brazil, Singapore and Australia, etc. We welcome you to visit our company for details. We’re looking forward to cooperating with you!

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