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Power Amplifier

Our power amplifier can be classified as electronic amplifier, DC amplifier and RGB amplifier, in terms of different classification standards. Generally, an amplifier is used to change, usually increases, the amplitude of a signal.
This power amplifier, or LED power repeater, is applicable for the power expansion of all our company’s power-output type LED controller. It accepts PWM control, and each time when a power amplifier is added, the control quantity will be doubled. The more amplifiers are added, the lager control quantity there will be. Theoretically, there is no limitation for connected number of power amplifier.

Specifications of Power Amplifier

Part No LT -3060
Power Input DC5V-DC24V Working Temp -35℃-55℃
Output Current: 6A/CH×3 Dimension L121×W39×H39(mm)
Consumption <2W Package size L123×W42×H42(mm)
Output Power 1~90W(5V) 1~220W(12V) 1~450W(24V) Weight(G.W.) 100g

1. 3 Channels RGB output, 6A for each channel, total 18A.
2. Theoretically, there is an unlimited distance between controller and repeater, and between repeater and repeater.


Fault Case Reason Solution
No light 1. No power from plug 2. At black mode 3. Overload recovery 4. Incorrect connection 1. Change the socket 2. Change the running mote 3. Lighten load, react 4. Check the connection
Incorrect Color Non Synchronous 5. Wrong RGB connection 6. Wrong Sync Cable Connection 5. Check RGB connection 6. Check Sync cable connection

Our company is an experienced manufacture of power amplifier in China, specialized in producing and selling of all kinds of RGB modules, star LED lights, and LED strip lights, etc. Through years of continuous effort, our products are widely used in many countries and areas like America, Japan, German, France, Brazil, Singapore and Argentina, etc. For more information about our products, please feel free to contact us!

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