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LED Controller

    1. Power Amplifier Our company is an experienced manufacture of power amplifier in China, specialized in producing and selling of all kinds of RGB modules, star LED lights, and LED strip lights, etc. Through years of continuous effort, our products are widely used in many countries and areas like America, Japan, German, France, Brazil, Singapore and Argentina, etc. For more information about our products, please feel free to contact us!
    1. LED Dimmer Controller6. 64 levels of brightness are available for gradual brightness adjustment.
      7. 5 brightness selecting function: 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% brightness can be easily selected.
      8. 3 DIY modes.
      9. Remote control function is optional. ..
    1. LED Controller V3.03. Our LED controller is designed with 17 modes for color skipping and color gradual changing. The maximum color depth reaches 256 levels per RGB.
      4. Speed of each mode is adjustable separately from level1-8. ...
    1. LED RGB Wireless ControllerThe UP button functions to speed up color changing.
      Every press on the button will fasten the color changing speed. If press the button steadily, the speed will be fastened continuously until reaching the max. speed. The green signal will light up when pressing unless the changing rates reach to the highest. ...
    1. LED RGB Amplifier2. Four pin connection port is the input port for power supply, and six pin connection port is the output port. There will be a diagram to show the wire connection method. V+ is the anode wire, and R, G, B pin port is corresponding to the R, G, B wire which are from the RGB light bar.
      3. If the LED product is too long, we recommend using the connection method on drawing ...
    1. LED Controller BVLED200-S-3We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of LED controller in China. Located in Chengdu, China, we enjoy a favorable transportation environment here. An international airport enables us to carry goods to many foreign countries and areas. At the same time, convenient land transportation also effectively cut down logistic cost. Therefore we can guarantee a competitive low price for you!...
    1. LED Controller BVLED100M3M124. Dimensions: 143mm*95mm*45mm
      5. Input voltage: 12V, 18V or 24V are available.
      6. Effect selection
      a. Auto circulation b. Fade in & out c. Jump d. Build ...

As a professional manufacturer of LED controller based in China, our company has years of experience in producing LED products. In addition to LED controller, we also offer products like waterproof led light, flexible LED strip light, and panel LED light, etc. All our products are certified by CE, ROHS, FCC, and UL. By virtue of reliable quality of our products, we have won world popularity. Try our products, and you’ll get a competitive price!

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    1. LED TransformerA LED transformer can transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another through its coils which are also known as inductively coupled conductors.
      An ideal LED transformer would have zero energy losses and is absolutely efficient. However, in fact, the energy of LED transformers is largely wasted in the windings, core, and surrounding structures, etc.