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LED Controller BVLED100M3M12

Parameters of LED Controller BV-LED100M3M12
1. 3/12 output, each output being 6A/4A
2. Our LED controller is designed with two control orifices, that is orifice A and orifice B. Connect them hand in hand.
3. The wire holder is 10A, safe and reliable.
4. Dimensions: 143mm*95mm*45mm
5. Input voltage: 12V, 18V or 24V are available.
6. Effect selection
a. Auto circulation b. Fade in & out c. Jump d. Build
e. Chase f. Red g. Green h. Blue
7. Five speed-changing levels are available in our LED controller.
a. 0.5 second
b. 1.0 second
c. 1.5 seconds
d. 2 seconds
e. 2.5 seconds
9. Master controller and tributary controller
When all the effect selections turn to “on”, the controller is tributary. If one of the effect selections is off, it is the master controller.

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