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LED Dimmer Controller

Our LT-311 LED dimmer controller has a wide rage of functions, and is popular in the market. It is extensively used in all kinds of LED lighting. The main functions of LED dim controller are controlling single color changes (common anode), LED lamp’s brightness and synchronic color changing effect.
This LED dimmer controller can be used in combination with our LT-3060 power amplifier. By adding one more power amplifier, the controllable quantity of LED lights is doubled.

Specifications of LED Dimmer Controller

Model: LT-311
Input voltage DC5V-DC24V Speed 8 Levels
Output current 6A/CH×3CH BRT adjust 64 Levels
Output power 1~90W(5V) Working Temp -35℃-55℃
1~220W(12V) 1~450W(24V) Cover Size L211×W40×H30(mm)
Changing mode 8 Modes Package Size L215×W43×H33(mm)
Color depth 256 levels per R,G &B GW 180g

Features of LED Dimmer Controller
1. The input voltage of our LED dimmer controller ranges from DC5V to DC24V.
2. ON/OFF button function available
3. 3-Channel RGB control with full color; maximum outputs 6A per Channel
4. Speed of each mode is adjustable separately from level 1-8, and the color depth can be alerted among 256 levels
5. Our LED dimmer controller is designed with three color changing modes, that is, color strobe, color skipping and color gradual, and it is designed with 8 levels for speed changing.
6. 64 levels of brightness are available for gradual brightness adjustment.
7. 5 brightness selecting function: 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% brightness can be easily selected.
8. 3 DIY modes.
9. Remote control function is optional.

Tables of changing modes

Sequence Modes Description
1 Static brightness 1 0% brightness, support BRT adjustment
2 Static brightness 2 25% brightness, support BRT adjustment
3 Static brightness 3 50% brightness, support BRT adjustment
4 Static brightness 4 75% brightness, support BRT adjustment
5 Static brightness 5 100% brightness, support BRT adjustment
6 Color strobe 8 levels speed adjustment
7 3 CH color skipping 8 levels speed adjustment
8 Gradual dark an d gradual bright 8 levels speed adjustment

Operating instructions
The LED dimmer controller has 7 function keys: ON/OFF, MODE, BRT/ SPEED+, BRT/ SPEED-, DIY1, DIY2, DIY3.

Key Operation
ON/OFF Start or turn off the controller At the Off status, press any key to start the controller
MODE Press it to enter into next mode
BRT/ SPEED+ Press it at the BRT status to increase the brightness Press it at the Speed status to increase the speed
BRT/ SPEED- Press it at the BRT status to decrease the brightness Press it at the Speed status to decrease the speed
DIY1 Press it for 3 seconds, LED flashes twice, and then remember the current brightness or color changing effect and speed. Just press it once then enter into pre-setup status
DIY2 The same as above
DIY3 The same as above

Exception Handles

Problem Reason Solution
No Light 1. No power from plug 2. Power supply protector works 3. Incorrect connection 1. Check the socket 2. Check the malfunction, re-power on 3. Check connection
Incorrect color amplifier not in phase 4. Incorrect RGB output wire connection 4. Re-connect RGB wires correspondently
LED BRT is not smooth or even 5. Output wire is too long 6. Wire diameter is too thin 7. Overload beyond controller capability 5. Reduce wire length or use loop circuit to power on 6. Calculate the current and change to a thicker wire 7. Change the power supplier or add a power amplifier

With years of experience in manufacturing and supplying LED dimmer controllers, we have mastered series of technologies to improve product quality and working efficiency. Quality is the top goal of our company. All our lighting products are certified by CE, ROHS, FCC and UL. Till now, we have set up business relationships with clients around the world. If you have any need for our products, please contact us. We’re ready to serve you!

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