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LED Controller V3.0

Features of LED Controller V3.0
1. This LED controller is applicable for LED lights with voltage from DC5-24V.
2. 3-Channel RGB full color control; maximum outputs 6A per Channel.
3. Our LED controller is designed with 17 modes for color skipping and color gradual changing. The maximum color depth reaches 256 levels per RGB.
4. Speed of each mode is adjustable separately from level1-8.
5. Brightness of each mode is adjustable separately from level1-8.
6. Designed with PAUSE function, our LED controller can keep the LED lights at the current color mode and color depth.
7. Our LED controller can restore to default settings with the newly added RESET button.
8. A standalone LED controller can be used in combination with LT-3060 power amplifier, thus realizing infinite power expansion to connect any quantity of LED lights.

Technical Specifications of LED Controller V3.0

Part No: LT-3600
Input Voltage DC5V-DC24V Cover Size L211×W40×H30(mm)
Output Current 6A/CH×3 BRT Adjust 8 levels
Speed 8 levels Gross Weight 180g
Total Output Power 1~90W(5V) 1~220W(12V) 1~450W(24V) Changing Mode 17 modes
Color Depth Max. 256 levels per RGB
Working Temp -35℃-55℃

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