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Digital RGB Strip Light

    1. BV-Flex-Dot-32-5V1. Each LED of our RGB strip light can change color separately.
      2. 5V DC input.
      3. Maximum gray scale could be 128*128*128.
      4. Waterproof index: IP66; silicone encased.
    1. BV-Dot-RndW-RGB-5VDesigned with waterproof and color changing functions, our digital RGB strip lights are regularly used for signage lighting, and saloon and club decorative lighting, and so on. ...
    1. BV-Dot-PirW-2×2-RGBDifferent connection ways are available, such as single module, two modules, three modules and five modules in series connection. The module quantity is the same with the other three methods of connection when it is connected in five. ...

Digital RGB Strip Light

Used in combination with a LED controller, our digital RGB strip lights can change the light color. Due to this, they are also called color changing LED strip lights.

Every two-LED is an independent unit and each single LED can change color separately. The entire RGB strip light can change color in a chase sequence. Silicone encased, this RGB strip light features great water resistance. So, if you are looking for LED lights for outdoor lighting, why not try this waterproof strip light?
The standard package of our digital RGB strip light is 5m each reel, and users can cut every 5cm (1.97").
The input voltage is 5V DC.

With good waterproof and color changing characteristic, this LED strip light is commonly used for cove lighting, architectural lighting, hotel lighting, store lighting and clubs lighting, and more.

As a digital RGB strip light manufacturer and supplier based in China, we are dedicated to the research and development of LED lighting products. Our LED lights, LED controllers, and LED transformers, etc. are now CE, RoHS, FCC and UL certified.
With reliable quality and low price, our products make us a popular manufacturer among worldwide customers. We welcome you to choose our LED products.

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