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Digital RGB Strip Light

Adopting 5060 3 in 1 SMD LEDs as light source, this digital RGB strip light is also called 3 in 1 SMD LED lights. If used in combination with a corresponding LED controller, this RGB strip light can change the color changing speed, mode and direction, etc. Hence, it is an ideal color changing LED strip light for light box lighting, advertising sign lighting, architectural decorative lighting, and more.
1. Each LED of our RGB strip light can change color separately.
2. 5V DC input.
3. Maximum gray scale could be 128*128*128.
4. Waterproof index: IP66; silicone encased.

Technical Parameters of BV-Flex-Dot-32-5V, Digital RGB Strip Light(TA=25℃)

Part No. Color Voltage (V) Current(A) Watts (W) Angle Peak wave length (nm) Size (mm) LED Qty/m (PCS)
BV-Flex-Dotline-32-5V Red 5 ≤0.64 626
Green 5 ≤0.64 525
Blue 5 ≤0.64 470
RGB 5 ≤1.92 ≤13 100° 1020*16 32

Since our foundation, we are dedicated to the development and production of various waterproof LED modules, panel LED lights, grille LED lights, and so on. All our LED lighting products are durable, energy saving and reasonably-priced.
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