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Digital RGB Strip Light

Are you looking for 8MM LED strip lights or color changing LED strip lights? If YES, you enter into the right page. We can provide different types of digital RGB LED strip lights for your choice.
Designed with waterproof and color changing functions, our digital RGB strip lights are regularly used for signage lighting, and saloon and club decorative lighting, and so on.

1.With injection molding housing, this digital RGB strip light has a aesthetic appearance.
2.8mm Round LEDs are adopted as the light source of our RGB strip lights.
3.Can be cut each single module
4.Input voltage: 5V DC
5.Water-resistant rate: IP66
6.Suggested maximum quantity for series connection is 20pcs module
7.Each LED could change color individually


Structure Dimensions

1. All dimension units are millimeters.
2. All dimension tolerance is ±1mm unless otherwise noted.

Technical Parameter of BV-Dot-RndW-RGB-5V, Digital RGB Strip Light(TA=25℃)

Part No. Color Operating Voltage(v) Current (mA) Wattage (W) Peak Wavelength(nm) View Angle Luminous Flux(lm) LED Qty
min max
BV-Dot-RndW-RGB-5V Red 5 ≤20 626 60° 0.65 1
Green 5 ≤20 525 60° 3.4 4
Blue 5 ≤20 470 60° 0.65 1
RGB 5 ≤60 ≤0.3 1

Connection Guide
A. connection between power supply and LED controller

B. connection between LED module, power supply and LED controller

C. connection between several strips of LED modules

D. connection between several power supplies

Max. LED quantity can be driven by one controller is 2000pcs.
Suggested max. module quantity for series connection is 20pcs.


Weight: 3100g
Quantity: 200pcs
Size: 25×17.5×7(cm)

We are specialized in manufacturing and marketing various LED lights, including waterproof and non-waterproof LED modules, LED panel lights, LED grille lights, and RGB strip lights, and more.
With reliable quality and competitive price, our LED products have been exported to USA, Japan, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Russia, among many other countries.
We welcome you to try our products, as well.

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