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Waterproof LED Module

    1. BV-Strip-PirW-1×2Our BV-Strip-PirW-1 × 2 waterproof LED modules are designed with a great variety of lighting colors and they are primarily used for outdoor applications. Hence, if you are looking for outdoor LED modules, weather that is red, yellow, amber, warm white, pure white and cold white LED lights ...
    1. BV-Al-SMD-1×2Due to reliable lighting performance and competitive prices, our LED products have been exported to and well received in Italy, India, Britain, Russia, Canada, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, and Finland, among many others. We also welcome you to try our LED lights. We look forward to working with you. ...
    1. BV-Strip-PirW-1×31. Featuring high light intensity and good water resistance, this product is especially suitable for the lighting of big and medium-sized signboard, advertising lightbox and logo, etc.
      2. Specially designed light housing offers quick heat diffusion and this helps prolong the LED chips’ lifespan.
    1. BV-Square-PirW-1×3BV-Strip-PirW-1×3 series are multicolor LED lights. The available color includes warm white, cold white, red, blue, yellow, amber, and green, to name a few. Hence, if you need multicolor LED modules, please contact us directly...
    1. BV-Square-PirW-2×2BV-Square-PirW-2×2 waterproof LED modules are classified into a number of subcategories producing different colors of light, including light in red, yellow, amber, warm white, pure white, cold white, green and blue, etc.
    1. BV-Al-PirW-2×2BV-Al-PirW-2×2 waterproof LED modules are commonly used for composing outdoor lighting fixtures. They have found wide variety of applications in light boxes, architectural decorations, advertising signboards, and backlighting, etc ...
    1. BV-Al-SMD-1×4Since our inception, we have dedicated ourselves to supplying high quality and economical LED lighting products to worldwide customers. To this end, we acquire advanced production equipment from abroad and utilize latest manufacturing technologies. Now, our LED products are well accepted in Russia, Canada, Saudi Arabia and more.

Waterproof LED Module

Our waterproof LED module is especially designed for outdoor lighting applications. Due to high lighting effect, long service life, easy installation, a greatly variety of colors, and energy economy, this outdoor LED light has found a wide range of applications in varied-sized channel letters, backlighting, advertising signboards, logo, and so on.

Additionally, our LED module, or a light emitting diode module, employs different types of LEDs as light emitting device, such as Piranha LEDs, 3528 SMD LEDs, 5050 SMD LEDs, and 5mm Round LEDs, to name a few. If you have any need on LED lighting products, whether that is LED display module or LED sign module, please feel free to contact us.

Advantages of Waterproof LED Modules
1. When the filament in traditional filament light bulbs breaks, the light bulb can not function any more. While our waterproof LED modules have no filament, so they have a longer service life due to their better impact resistance in comparison with filament light bulbs.
2. We can provide waterproof LED modules producing a variety of light colors, including red, yellow, cold white, warm white, blue, green and amber, to name a few. Meanwhile, several LED modules with different colors can be affixed together to achieve a lighting product that creates a number of colors and patterns.
3. LED modules are energy saving and environmentally friendly lighting. In comparison with traditional lights like incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps, etc., LED modules use less power to produce the same amount of light. For example, a 5w module can emit as much power as that of a 100w traditional incandescent light.

We is an experienced waterproof LED module manufacturer and supplier based in China. Years of LED product manufacturing experience make us experienced in providing high quality LED light products at economical prices. Our primary products include waterproof and non-waterproof LED modules, star LED lights, decorative LED lights, flexible LED strip lights, and grille LED lights, etc. All LED lights are certified with CE, RoHS, FCC and UL.
We welcome worldwide indoor and outdoor lighting product wholesalers and sales agents to work with us.

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