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Waterproof LED Module

Our BV-Strip-PirW-1 × 2 waterproof LED modules are designed with a great variety of lighting colors and they are primarily used for outdoor applications. Hence, if you are looking for outdoor LED modules, weather that is red, yellow, amber, warm white, pure white and cold white LED lights, or any other multicolor LED lights, please feel free to try our waterproof LED modules.

Due to the water resistance characteristic, our waterproof LED modules are ideal for outdoor advertising signs and logo which have water-resisting requirement. Meanwhile, they are also commonly used for channel letters, back lighting and light boxes, etc.
Anyway, our waterproof LED module can satisfy any of your need on outdoor LED lighting and decoration applications.

1. This type of waterproof LED module is primarily composed of 2 Piranha LEDs which feature high lighting intensity and give us wide viewing angle.
2. Due to the high lighting intensity of lighting source, this LED light is especially applicable for large-sized advertising LOGO.
3. BV-Strip-PirW-1 × 2 waterproof LED module features high durability even in outdoor applications, due to our adoption of hard wire connection between modules.
4. A maximum quantity of 100pcs waterproof LED modules can be connected together for each single loop.
5. DC 12V input ensures operational safety and simplicity.
6. IP rate: IP68

Structure Dimensions

1. All dimension units are millimeters (mm).
2. All dimension tolerance is ±1mm unless otherwise noted.

Circuit Diagram

Technical Parameter(TA=25℃)

Part No. Color Operating Voltage (V) Current ( mA ) Wattage ( W )
BV-Strip-PirW-1*2 -R Red 12 ≤40 ≤0.48
BV-Strip-PirW-1*2-Y Yellow 12 ≤30 ≤0.36
BV-Strip-PirW-1*2-A Amber 12 ≤30 ≤0.36
BV-Strip-PirW-1*2-WW Warm White 12 ≤20 ≤0.24
BV-Strip-PirW-1*2-PW Pure White 12 ≤20 ≤0.24
BV-Strip-PirW-1*2-CW Cold White 12 ≤20 ≤0.24
BV-Strip-PirW-1*2 -G Green 12 ≤20 ≤0.24
BV-Strip-PirW-1*2-B Blue 12 ≤20 ≤0.24
Operating Temperature ( ℃ ) -25 ~ +60
Storage Temperature ( ℃ ) -40 ~ +80

Electrical and Optical Characteristics (TA=25℃)

Part No. Color Peak Wavelength ( nm ) View Angle Luminous Flux ( lm ) LED Qty
min max
BV-Strip-PirW-1*2 -R Red 626 120° 5 6 1×2
BV-Strip-PirW-1*2-Y Yellow 590 120° 3 4 1×2
BV-Strip-PirW-1*2-A Amber 598 120° 2 3.5 1×2
BV-Strip-PirW-1*2-WW Warm White <3800K 120° 11 13 1×2
BV-Strip-PirW-1*2-PW Pure White 6500k 120° 9 11 1×2
BV-Strip-PirW-1*2-CW Cold White >7500K 120° 10 12 1×2
BV-Strip-PirW-1*2 -G Green 525 120° 6 8 1×2
BV-Strip-PirW-1*2-B Blue 468 120° 1 2 1×2

Highly recommend you trying our new type of white color LED light. This new type white LED module features high light intensity and low intensity decrease. The light fading rate within the first 1000 hours is less than 5%.


Modules Installation

Connection with Power Supply


Quantity: 50pcs LED module
Dimension: 25x17.5x7(cm)
Weight: 830g

We are an experienced waterproof LED module manufacturer and supplier based in China. We can produce LED modules with wide variety of specifications and our products are now widely used in international markets, including America, Japan, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Russia and Argentina, etc.
Really thanks for visiting our website. For more LED lighting product information, please refer to our PRODUCT page or contact us directly. We are ready to serve you.

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