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Waterproof LED Module

Our BV-Al-SMD-1×4 waterproof LED modules are classified into a wide range of different specifications.
In terms of light color, our waterproof LED modules can be divided into white, yellow, red, blue and green modules, etc. They are ideal solutions for achieving multicolor LED lights.
In terms of applications, our waterproof modules can be used for composing advertising logo lights, signboard and light box LED lights, signage LED lights, and more. In a word, this product is ideal for outdoor decorative lighting and backlighting, etc.

More Information
1. Each single waterproof module is composed of 4 SMD LEDs which feature wide beam angle.
2. The super thin shell makes our LED products ideal for small and slim channel letters.
3. Characterized by good heat dissipation performance, each waterproof LED module has a long lifespan.
4. Waterproof grade: IP67
5. Working voltage: 12V DC input
6. Designed with a hole at each end of the module, the product can be screw-fixed easily.
7. While utilizing LED modules to achieve a LED strip light by series connection, we have to remember that the maximum number of LED module should not more than 30.

Structure Dimensions

1. All dimension units are millimeters (mm).
2. All dimension tolerance is ±1mm unless otherwise noted.

Circuit Diagram

Technical Parameter(TA=25℃)

Part No. Color Operating Voltage ( V ) Current (mA) Wattage (W)
BV-Al-SMD-1×4-R Red 12 ≤20 ≤0.24
BV-Al-SMD-1×4-Y Yellow 12 ≤20 ≤0.24
BV-Al-SMD-1×4-CW White 12 ≤40 ≤0.48
BV-Al-SMD-1×4-G Green 12 ≤40 ≤0.48
BV-Al-SMD-1×4-B Blue 12 ≤40 ≤0.48

Electrical and Optical Characteristics (TA=25℃)

Part No. Color Peak Wavelength ( nm ) View Angle Luminous Flux ( lm) LED Quantity
min max
BV-Al-SMD-1×4-R Red 623 140° 9 11 1×4
BV-Al-SMD-1×4-Y Yellow 590 140° 5 7 1×4
BV-Al-SMD-1×4-CW White >8000K 140° 20 24 1×4
BV-Al-SMD-1×4-G Green 520 140° 8 10 1×4
BV-Al-SMD-1×4-B Blue 465 140° 3 4 1×4


Connection to Power Supply


Quantity: 200pcs
Dimension: 23.8*21*3 (cm)
Weight: 625g

We are a water proof LED module producer and supplier based in China. In addition to water resistant LED modules, we can also produce flexible LED strip lights, rigid LED strips, SMD modules, LEN controllers and LED transformers, and more.
Since our inception, we have dedicated ourselves to supplying high quality and economical LED lighting products to worldwide customers. To this end, we acquire advanced production equipment from abroad and utilize latest manufacturing technologies. Now, our LED products are well accepted in Russia, Canada, Saudi Arabia and more.
If you are interested in our LED lights, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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