Leading & Professional Manufacturer of LED Module for Signage

We is a China-based manufacturer of LED module and LED strip light. Our company is expert in the design and manufacture of waterproof LED light, flexible LED strip light, grille LED light, panel LED light, star LED light, etc.
Our LED modules and LED strip lights, etc. are regularly used for architectural decorative lighting, commercial lighting, advertising lighting, etc., for either indoor or outdoor lighting applications. They are bright, long lasting, aesthetically designed, and energy efficient. They are also environmentally friendly and are harmless, as they contain no toxic substances, like lead, mercury, etc.
Our LED lighting products are CE, ROHS, FCC, and UL certified, and they are exported to the US, Japan, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Russia, and many other countries.

To ensure the excellent performance of our waterproof LED light, flexible LED strip light, grille LED light, and so on, we use three automatic and semi-automatic LED light production lines, lead-free SMD reflow soldering machines, wave soldering machines, etc., and we also have a testing system which has high temperature test boxes, T100 brightness testers, high-powered pulse aging testers, photoelectrical testing systems, light intensity test system, an integrating sphere, and more. In addition, we take many anti-static measures. For instance, we have several ion blower fans, electrostatic testers, electrostatic detection equipment, electrostatic discharge equipment, and more, and all our LED modules have anti-static packaging. We guarantee the quality of our flexible LED strip light, panel LED light, grille LED light, etc., by implementing a specialized QC management system and conducting rigid quality control tests on incoming raw materials as well as each production process.

In order to stay competitive, we devote ourselves to technology innovation, new product development, quality improvement, brand building, and production cost reduction. For example, we have established a production and management system based on advanced technology and management systems from America, Japan, Germany, and Italy. In addition, we offer skill-training to our employees, and as a result, we now have a group of experienced and professional technical engineers. This greatly improves our production efficiency. Through these and other efforts, we are able to offer our waterproof LED light, flexible LED strip light, grille LED light, LED panel lights, etc., at competitive prices to our customers worldwide.

With advanced LED light production techniques, a customer-oriented mindset, and frequent training in marketing and customer service, we are able to provide our customers superior quality service. We provide our clients with free technology and installation guides for their grille LED light, panel LED light, star LED light, etc. We also offer free LED samples, as well as customized LED product according to your specifications. Product delivery is in 7 to15 business days, and we include free LED light accessories along with your shipment. All our LED lighting products come with a two to five year quality guarantee, during which, LED products will be replaced if there is any quality problem. OEM service is also available.

We welcome you to use our LED module, LED strip light, and LED controller, etc., and we wish you a brighter life!

    1. Waterproof LED Module1. When the filament in traditional filament light bulbs breaks, the light bulb can not function any more. While our waterproof LED modules have no filament, so they have a longer service life due to their better impact resistance in comparison with filament light bulbs, and they are also better options...
    1. Flexible LED Strip LightOur LED strip lights can be used in hotels, salon, restaurants, parlor, clubs, and pubs, etc. They are ideal for landscape lighting, architectural decorative lighting and so on.
    1. Non-Waterproof LED ModuleOur non-waterproof module mostly adopt Piranha LEDs as the light source, and they are suitable for channel letter lighting whose depth is about 8-10cm (3-4").
    1. Grille LED Light, LED Fluorescent TubeThey are characterized by good heat dissipation, high brightness, long service life, environmentally friendliness and low power consumption. For instance, in comparison with the T8 fluorescent tube grille light
    1. Panel LED LightLED modules and fluorescent tubes. It can also be used as indoor lighting product and architectural lighting product, and can also be used for any other project lighting as you prefer.
    1. RGB LED ModuleIn terms of application, our waterproof RGB LED modules mainly serve as indoor architectural decorative lighting and indoor advertising sign lighting, etc., and our non-waterproof RGB
    1. Star LED Lightour star LED lights are ideal outdoor lighting products. They can be used for advertising signs lighting and architectural decorative lighting, and more. With low energy consumption, they are also ideal mood lights and night lights, and more.
    1. Digital RGB Strip LightWith good waterproof and color changing characteristic, this LED strip light commonly serve as cove lighting product, architectural lighting product, hotel lighting product, store lighting product and clubs lighting product, and more.